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Travel Medicine Specialist

Everyday Urgent Care

Urgent Care located in Maywood, NJ

If you travel outside the United States for work or leisure, it’s important to invest in travel medicine. A brief checkup before your next big outing can preserve your health and reduce the risk of travel-related complications. At Everyday Urgent Care, the team of expert providers offers travel medicine to individuals and families. If you plan on traveling internationally, make an appointment by calling the practice in Maywood, New Jersey, or clicking the online scheduling feature today.

Travel Medicine Q & A

What is travel medicine?

Travel medicine uses immunizations and other forms of preventive medicine to reduce your risk of injury or illness while abroad.

At Everyday Urgent Care, the team uses travel medicine to educate people on infectious and noninfectious diseases, drug-resistant organisms, health regulations, and more.

What should I bring to a travel medicine appointment?

To get the most out of your travel medicine appointment at Everyday Urgent Care, it’s important to prepare in advance. The team recommends gathering the following information:

  • A detailed itinerary, including departure and arrival dates
  • A list of your planned activities
  • A list of the people you plan on traveling with
  • A list of the countries you’re visiting

Try to be as detailed with this information as possible. Your Everyday Urgent Care provider uses it to develop a custom travel medicine treatment plan.

What can I expect at a travel medicine appointment?

At Everyday Urgent Care, a travel medicine appointment begins with a review of your health history and a discussion of any symptoms you’re experiencing. Next, your provider asks about where you’re traveling and conducts a complete physical.

During the physical, your provider checks your vital signs, inspects your ears, eyes, nose, and throat, palpates your organs, tests your reflexes, and examines your skin. Then, they order lab tests, including blood work and urinalysis.

After gathering all of the necessary information, your provider makes recommendations for treatment. That might involve updating your immunizations, discussing proactive steps to prevent jet lag, or recommendations for avoiding mosquito-borne illness.

Will I need immunizations during my travel medicine appointment?

Whether you need immunizations during a travel medicine appointment depends on several factors, including your medical history and destination. Typically, the team at Everyday Urgent Care recommends vaccinations for typhoid, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever, and hepatitis A.

What are the benefits of travel medicine?

By participating in travel medicine, you can significantly reduce the risk of travel-related illnesses and injuries. What’s more, travel medicine can educate you on potential threats, ensuring you have a relaxing and enjoyable time without any surprises.

If you need to schedule a travel medicine appointment at Everyday Urgent Care, call the practice or click the online scheduling feature today.