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School Physicals

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Many public and private schools require students to undergo a physical exam before starting a new academic year. At Everyday Urgent Care, the team of expert urgent care providers offers school physicals and pre-employment physicals to people of all ages. If you need a school physical or a work physical, make an appointment in Maywood, New Jersey, by calling the office or booking online today.

School Physicals Q & A

What are school physicals?

A school physical checkup assesses your child’s general health and well-being. It identifies and diagnoses potential medical conditions that might affect their ability to thrive in a classroom setting. For example, if your child is nearsighted, they might have trouble seeing the blackboard. If they’re hard of hearing, they might misunderstand instructions on an assignment.

Routine school physicals can alert you to potential issues early on, ensuring your little one receives the care they need.

Are school physicals the same as pre-employment physicals?

School physicals and pre-employment physicals are often mentioned together, but they’re two different things. 

School physicals

School physicals assess your child’s health to diagnose any underlying medical issues that might affect their performance in the classroom. If your child plays sports at school, their provider can also recommend warming up and cooling down to reduce the risk of an injury.

Pre-employment physicals

Pre-employment physicals assess your physical and mental health to ensure you can withstand the responsibilities of a new job. If you apply for a position that requires operating a commercial vehicle, like a bus or a semi-truck, you might have to undergo a physical before receiving your license.

What happens during a school physical?

No two school physicals are exactly alike. The team at Everyday Urgent Care tailors treatment to you or your child’s needs. Even so, there are several steps you can expect, including:

Step one: Skin exam and check of the vital signs

At the beginning of a school physical, your child’s provider looks at their skin for any moles, bumps, or unusual growths. They also measure and weigh your child, check their reflexes, and listen to their heart and respiratory rate.

Step two: Complete physical

Next, your child’s provider examines their ears, eyes, nose, and throat. They gently palpate their organs to assess their size and location and assess your child’s flexibility, muscle strength, and range of motion.

Step three: On-site testing

After a comprehensive physical exam, your child’s provider orders on-site testing, including blood work and urinalysis. These tests help identify underlying issues, like high cholesterol, vitamin deficiencies, or hormonal imbalances.

Step four: Immunizations and prescription refills, if necessary

Lastly, your child’s provider updates their immunizations. Many schools require students to have certain vaccinations before enrolling. Your child’s provider can order new prescriptions or refill current ones if necessary.

At the end of your or your child’s physical, the team at Everyday Urgent Care fills out the necessary paperwork. You can then submit that paperwork to your employer or your child’s school administration.

To learn more about school physicals or pre-employment physicals, make an appointment at Everyday Urgent Care by calling the office or booking online today.